A basic decision in marketing products is Branding, in which an organization uses a name, phrase, design, symbols, or combination of these to identify its products and distinguish them from those of competitors of these to identify its products and distinguish them from those of competitors. A Brand name is name is any word, device (design, sound, shape, or color), or combination of these used to distinguish a sellers goods or services. Some brand names can be spoken, such as a Raymonds, Gini & Jony. A Sale promotion is another form of paid impersonal communication, which offer additional value and incentive to the customer; it not only encourages the customers to visit the store but also promotes trial and repeat purchases. Some of the popular sales promotion activities are special events, in-store demonstration, coupons, and contests. Publicity is an un-pain form of communications that provides information about the retailer through the media. A trademark is a special kind of brand. It is a brand duly registered with the registrar of trade marks under the trade and Merchandise marks Act, 1958. thus when a brand is registered under the special act, it is called a Trade mark. The registrar may allow the use of any numbers, letters, words, symbol, emblem, design, picture set to use as a trade mark. Trade mark has a legal recognition, legal sanction and legal protection. A person misusing the trade mark can be sued in the court of law. Normally, a trade mark is shown by the letter on the packets. Popular examples of trademarks are Godrej, Vimal, Colgate, Bajaj, Cibaca etc


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Ms. Apurva Dhus is associated with Dept. of Textile science & Apparel Design, Dr. B.M.N.College of Home Science.


This paper was presented at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai in the VASTRA 2010 a two day event held on Feb 19th & 20th, 2010