Modernization of any process always found to be techno-economical. The studies conducted in this paper were taken the case of Texturisation and weaving looms as both of them are faster growing in Textile industries as well as in all technical aspects. The study reveals in both the cases are common that with the increasing of processing speed and other amenities the same is proven to be more violable towards cost reduction, higher efficiency and better performance. With the modern features of machineries the day by day maintenance schedules are also becoming low and lower. It is also showing lesser power cost and that of man power. This paper also described the latest Models of Texturised Machines with its amenities and advantages over economy.

Aim of project

Now a day, there is neck to neck competition for each and every aspect of life and the same is also reflected in the textile industry where there are so many producers at fray. The stiff competition at every area is very high. Hence there is always tendency to go for advance technology or advance processing to minimize cost towards production, wages, down gradation and all other relevant aspects to bring the industries at profitable stage. This subject deals with such matter how the relationship can be built between advance processing and that of its techno-economics.


Right from Blow room to carding, draw frame, ring frame, winding machine, warping machine, sizing machine, loom sheds and even in textile wet processing to texturisation , everywhere the common feature is followed that is cost control and to be more techno-economical now a days . Hence we would like to highlight certain latest machineries with modern amenities which are producing better quality with lesser cost. The data are generated from the concerned Industries and then brought in to proper shape.

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The Authors are students of Anuradha Engg. College, Chikhali

This paper was presented at event under national level grand fiesta PRAGYAA-2010 Department of Textile Technology of S G G S I E &T., Nanded.