The fashion industry has come a long way and has grown into one of the largest industries in the world. On account of the growth of this industry, the use of technology in this field has increased. Fashion designing software is increasingly being used by fashion designers.

Fashion designing software greatly aids the work of a fashion designer and held in more effective performance. They help in saving a lot of a time, money and energy. These software packages help the designer in experimenting with a number of textures, colours and patterns for producing the perfect design. They provide a variety of sketch backgrounds, tools for designings and repeating patterns and texture mapping.

Basically, there are two types of software that fashion designer can choose from vector-based software or raster-based software. Vector images are also object-oriented drawings. Vector images provide greater resolution and quality as compared to raster images cab be resized without degrading the quality of the image. They are much smaller than raster images. Raster images are more realistic than vector images. They can be used to create a natural picture by providing a number of special effects. It is for the designer to decide whether to use vector-based software or raster based software.

Some other factors to be considered while deciding upon which designing software to use are the computer hard derive space, memory, processor speed and operating system requirements. Most of the software can easily be purchased online.

The right fashion designing software helps the designer in expanding his creativity by allowing him to experiment with a wide range of designs, patterns, textures and colours. More work can be achieved in less time with the help of such software, which helps in increasing productivity.


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Author is Associate Professor and Head, Department of Textiles & Apparel designing, College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur (Raj.)