Its a whole new season so why not kick start it with some fabulous fashion finds, a change in fragrance, and maybe even a new hairdo, and dont forget to lighten up your makeup.

This season is full of wonderful fabrics and styles, from ultra feminine to the boldness of the ethnic prints. From short to long dress and skirt styles. From halters to cap sleeves. From tweed to pastel shades. Shoe styles vary from flip flops to wedges to stiletto heels. And be sure to check out the fabulous styles in casual and sporting sandal wear.

When choosing items for your spring wardrobe, first analyze your body shape and determine what styles will look best on you. Next decide what your favorite colors are for this season and determine what colors flatter you the most and which flatter you the least. Stay away from the colors and styles that don't flatter. Choose clothing that is most flattering, but also be sure to step out on the limb a little bit and choose a few items that are not a traditional style or color choices you would make. Dare to experiment a little bit. Its always nice to add a little spice to your wardrobe.

This season there truly is something for everyone. We see skirts that go from mini to ankle length. Full skirts, pencil skirts, flared skirts - they are all in style. We've got great selection in summer tops from open back, to halter, to baby tee's, to strapless. And shorts are arriving on the scene in a variety of lengths from short shorts to knee length.

Your color choices are truly endless! The full spectrum of pastel shades is at your fingertips. But wait, so are the vibrant bright shades such as yellow, chartreuse, turquoise, and pink. Traditional white is still in the running and is very easy to dress up or down.
This seasons jewelry is also large with something for everyone. We've got long dangles, full chandeliers, fun studs, large hoops, and more. There are plenty of rhinestones and crystals on the scene this season. And wait! Pearls have had a whole new facelift - now faux pearls are available in a wide variety of color and they don't just belong with your formal wear. This season pearls are ever so chic with your fave pair of jeans. Now that's progress!

Bangles are on the top of the fashion radar this season. Load your arm from top to bottom, wear a single, mix and match materials, sizes and styles.

Wood jewelry is the top pick to go with the ethnic prints of the season. There's some wonderful vintage pieces to be had for a reasonable price. The beauty about vintage is the exotic woods you can find which are no longer used today because of cost.

While you are busy uplifting your wardrobe and jewelry, why not uplift your body? Perhaps a new fragrance, a new hair cut or color, add some lighter shades to your makeup.

Remember to make your fashion statement you have to pamper the whole you! Spring is a time to rejuvenate, so take some time to rejuvenate not only your wardrobe but yourself.

Make your fashion statement!


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