Indian textile industry produces close to 15000 MT of dyed polyester/viscose yarn. Units such as RSWM group, CTM group, Shree Rajasthan syntex, Sangam spinners, Orient syntax, Grasim Industries (Bhiwani unit), Deepak spinners are some of the leading producers in northern belt. The list is a long one and these are just a few of them. A look at the yarn exports in polyester/ viscose blended yarn. A look at the Indian exports in polyester/blended yarn export confirms that 50000MT/month+ exports are quite large, India has 30%+ share in this category, next to Indonesia but in dyed yarn the largest exporting nation.

The tradition of manufacturing fiber dyed yarn is more than four decades old in India. However, with increased productivity at ring frame, pressure on margins, competitiveness in export, overall yarn quality redefined now as even non objectionable faults being considered objectionable assumes critical importance in todays context. These newer dimensions provokes thought, encourages debate and helps us to evolve in a better way and therefore needs rethinking in order to maintain our leadership in this segment. The present research work deals in an in depth scientific approach towards these aspects.

Key words- Polyester, Viscose, dyeing, dyes and chemicals, yarn, blends, spinning, global trade.


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This paper was presented  at 65th  All India textile Conference in Jan-2010 at Indore by Shri S. M. Gupta-President (Works) at Sangam (India) Limited, Bhilwara, a Textile Engineer and renowned technocrat having more than three decades of experience.