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During the Devonian period, some 410 million years ago, Nature sat down to design a world that would support life on planet earth. It came up with millions of plant species, an ocean and finally the redistribution of land mass to make differential in surface temperatures possible for various natural events to take place. It came up with several species and finally some 5 million years ago began to tinker with the idea of a new species called human beings. Nature got or so it thought a final design some 135000 years ago and decided to sit back and see how its experiment worked. It worked well for a while until some 180 years ago when its new species came up with its own design for leading its life. The first Industrial Revolution began to find shape in early 18th century marking unwittingly the beginning of steady destruction of the design that nature had set in place for all species to live. In the early years there was enough in store for this destruction NOT to be noticed, however, the disruption that mankinds design began to cause to the Natural Order started showing pretty soon with the depletion of ozone layer coming to be noticed sometime in the late 70s.. The thinning of the ozone layer was so dramatic that mankind for the first time realized that its way of life and they way it goes about fulfilling it through its own design called the Industry was not working well after all.

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century could thus be described as having brought in its wake a red design for economic activity that was flawed from the very beginning. It had nothing in it to suggest that it was regenerative and programmed to sustain the cycle of economic activity to keep the motion perpetual.

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This article was the key note address delivered at Sona College of Fashion Technology, Erode

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