What Is Meant By Dye?

Dye is a organic chemical compound which is used for colouring the fabric.

There are mainly two type

  • Natural dyes
  • Synthetic dyes

Natural Dyes:

These types of dyes are mainly extracted from the natural resources. These are from renewable sources.

Synthetic Dyes:

These types of dyes are prepared from various chemicals, man made materials etc.The importance of color in textile products cannot be under estimated. Colors have fascinated mankind since the down of civilization. Natural vegetable dyes have become a part of human life since time immemorial. Egyptian mummies documents of mughal periods bear evidence to the use of these dyes. Since the introduction of synthetic dyes in the year 1856 the use of natural dye was on the wane.

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About the Author:

Author is student of T.Y. BTech Textile, SGGS, Nanded

This paper was also presented at event under national level grand fiesta PRAGYAA-2010 Department of Textile Technology of S G G S I E &T., Nanded.