Described as a shockwave, the boomers generationoffer a lucrative market for fashion apparels and accessories.

Boomers are people born during the demographic post WorldWar II. Generally they are associated with rejection or redefinition oftraditional values. In US, and Europe boomers are associated with privilege,and grew up as the healthiest and wealthiest generation who grew up expectingthe world to improve with time. The mindset of boomers is that they believethemselves to be a special generation. Due to this psychological boost, manypeople of this generation very vital in bringing changes among their cohort. Withinborn technology driven qualities of fashion savvy nature, they offerproductive market for textile, apparel and other fashion accessories.

Baby boomers are on the cusp of their senior years. Rapidlyapproaching their senior ages, these boomers have high expectations for theproducts they buy. Their expectations regarding the products they purchase areconsiderably greater than those of past generations. They favor to buy productsthat are created specially to suit their preferences and style. They get lostin a sea of fashion trends, and age-appropriate concerns to buy apparels ofhigh quality, better fabric, and cuts.

Boomers Boost Apparel Sales:

Boomers are the first generation women who focus onthemselves, and feel the confidence of being a woman. They are more educatedthan their previous generation, and an increasing number of women have startedworking. With their confidence level boosted up, and with the independence ofdisposable income in their hands, they play a significant role in enhancingapparel sales. A boomer shopper not only prefers a wide range of stylishgarments, but also looks for affordability. They choose to look good, withreasonable expenses. They shop for style and value, but with time and budget intheir mind. They seek to buy clothing that are structured with style and can beworn with ease.

A survey report states that women in the age group of 45-54influence the apparel sales to a greater extent. Women in the age group 35-55 spendan average of $76.25 on apparel shopping for a month. 62% of women among thisage group buy what and when they wanted comparatively over any other age group.

Fashion Segment Too Gets Augmented:

In the luxury and cosmetics section, the personalityconscious boomers have created a special market for anti-aging products,cosmetics, and other fashion accessories that gives a motivation that gettingold can be graceful and beautiful. Making optimum utilization of thisopportunity, business people starting from market researchers to manufacturerspay keen attention to the interests and buying preferences of boomers


Baby boomers play an integral role in manipulating the mass market. The do not want to be segregated, branded or separated. They prefer to think, feel and look younger. They focus towards style, but simultaneously do not go so extreme. With a significant amount of money spent for their apparel and fashion shopping boomers can make a retail dream come true.


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