This project is sponsored by the Ministry of RuralDevelopment, Government of India and Commissioner, Rural Development,Government of Gujarat aims at promotion of Crafts & Textile Clusters andtheir distinctive styles for higher value realization. Over 9 million artisansare employed in this unorganized sector in India who has been graduallymarginalized due to competitive pressure of dynamically shifting market andglobalization. The Cluster Development Initiative of NIFT endeavors both the visionbuilding and capacity building objectives for approximate 2,000 rural artisansof Surendranagar District engaged in Khadi, Single Ikat, Tangaliya, Brass wareand Stoneware through Design Development and Diversification, Skill upgradationtraining, Innovation, Technological upgradation, Formation of self-help groupsfor linkages with markets & financial institutions for sustainable incomegeneration.

Objectives of Study

  • To study the current state of cluster and SUVAS and the approach it is marketed
  • To develop brand image, branding strategies for the organization SUVAS

Research methodology

The methodology adopted for this project is primarily basedon Primary research and in depth study of the artisans and the members of SUVAS.Moreover secondary sources of information are also referred to. The primarydata is collected by interviewing the artisans in an unstructured manner. Thepresent state of market and its projection in the coming years are taken intoconsideration. The strategies thus evolved are focusing on long term objectiveof developing and sustaining the brand in the competitive market ofhandicrafts.

Problem Definition:

SUVAS an organization made and developed by artisans withsupport of NIFT has formed a basic structure but yet the name is known a few inthe market thus it is important to establishing SUVAS as a brand which wouldhelp it in making its image in the market as well as generate better profits.

Nature and Scope of study:

This project is highlighting the way branding can be donefor SUVAS. The structure of the brand is also been organized through thisresearch. But practical imprecations are yet to be researched.

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Thisreport was prepared under the supervision of Dr. Binaya Bhusan Jena and wassubmitted to: Department of Fashion Management Studies National Institute ofFashion Technology, Gandhinagar. Gujarat