Asia remains the epicenter of apparel manufacturing, but within the region new manufacturing sources are emerging to challenge Chinas dominance.In a year that saw consumer demand plummet at a staggering rate,Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and India held onto significant market shares and in some instances were able to grab a larger piece of apparel exports.

Among the top exporters to the U.S., only Vietnam maintained an upward trajectory through the bulk of 2009, but industry sources pointed to Bangladesh, India and Indonesia as important emerging producers of textiles and apparel. The countries are well-positioned to begin growing once the global macroeconomic outlook stabilizes,sourcing executives said.

The top emerging exporters to the European Union by value, according to the most recent data available from Eurostat, were Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.Japans top emerging apparel sources, according to Japan Customs data, included Haiti, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Bangladesh.

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Originally published in New Cloth Market: April 2010