The marriage of retail and fantasy has given birth to mannequins. What can a lifelike, but a lifeless mannequin do to enhance the Retail business?

The benefits of mannequins are known and appreciated by the retail industry for decades. Success in a retail industry mainly depends on creating an appealing display design to attract the customer. Window display of clothing by retailers resulted in a new trend called window shopping, which eventually motivated the shoppers to buy the garment. Thus display of apparels became a powerful marketing tool. Mannequins breathed life into apparels as it creates an impression in the minds of the shopper, how good he or she would look wearing that apparel.

History of Mannequins starts from 1800s when dress makers used a wooden headless form to display their clothing. These were made of wood and their feet were made of iron so that they stand firmly. Paper Mache was used to give them a proper shape. During the course of time, with the application of window displays in retail stores, mannequins gained a positive momentum in marketing. Thus, the era of making lifelike mannequins started.

Applying Creative Display:

Men, ladies, children, and even animal mannequins are made in a variety of body sections. Necks, heads, legs, hands, and just torsos can be adjusted to cater the needs of a specific clothing display. Much creativity should be applied while displaying the mannequins. They help in effective display and presentation of apparels. Placing the mannequins in the right place will attract consumers towards the shop and eventually result in increased sales. In the section where childrens clothes are sold, family mannequins of father, mother, and child would be likable. If group mannequins are to be displayed, it should be done in such a way that they are interacting with each other. Clothes draped on the mannequins should be of the right size and choice so as to make the display more eye-catching.

Augmenting Retail Sales through Theatrical Arrangements:

In the competitive retail environment, shoppers need a strong attraction to make them hose a particular retail store over the others. An array of merchandising mannequins makes a perfect retail window display to allure the passersby into the store. If the store has apparels for all ages, a family mannequin set up will be perfect. Similarly, a retail store selling formal, tuxedos, or evening wear can use the appropriate mannequin. A beautiful bride mannequin flanked by supporting ones wearing a bridal wear will make an arresting window display for selling bridal collection. The versatility of clothing offered by a retailer can be displayed by adding layered colors and contrast fabrics. Layers will be a hot trend for both men and women.


Today every retailer knows that apparels displayed well, sell well. So, it is necessary to go a step further and create an overall experience of being in a fashion safari or in an elegant palazzo. Window displays are similar to a scene from a play. It can be described as a street theatre. Special themes can be used to enhance the display. A group of mannequins dressed for a night out, or a day in park, or a perfect Christmas setup with all the snow and a Santa would make a perfect appeal for the shoppers.

Mannequins are the most powerful form of visual merchandising as it creates a 3D impression to the shoppers. With the retail getting into a tailspin, focus is now on the marketing tools, especially in the art of visual merchandising. A congruent, window display of mannequin will be a critical success factor in deciding the sales figure of a retail format.