New processes of design, industrialization and manufacture make it possible to extend the technical possibilities, and to better satisfy sometimes contradictory needs (weight, functions...) to which the traditional homogeneous materials answer with difficulty. The time of thinking fibers as source of producing clothing and home textile products is still vibrant in the market, however, the wave of innovation is inundating higher. Land, water and air- all are witnessing the fascinating services of textiles. Today, it is one of the gigantic disciplines of product development for engineering applications. In terms of the material performance, textiles can be seen working at the interdisciplinary level by offering the several technical advantages that may not be accumulated in a single material traditionally known.

The advancement in material science has placed an increased emphasis in finding novel or innovative substitutes to excel in performance the existing composites. Lighter in weight, flexible in handling, soft in touch, comparable in strength with metals, modifiable in size and shape; and all these characteristics in an affordable price had provided the interesting novel applications to textile materials. Therefore, it is not unusual to realize a stream of innovative fibrous composition in above and beneath the land space.

Composite materials are replacing day by day the conventional metallic materials due to their light weight, high strength, design flexibility and long life. This article covers classification of composite materials, multilayer woven reinforcements in textile composites which are more and more employed in textile composites, especially for various applications due to their relatively higher strength, more uniform properties and reduced manufacturing cost.

Key Words: composite materials, properties, applications, traditional materials.

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The author is a student of D.K.T.E, Ichalkaranji

This paper was also presented at event under national level grand fiesta PRAGYAA-2010 Department of Textile Technology of S G G S I E &T., Nanded.