Maternity clothing has a niche market in today's fashion era because of increase number of women worker with the attitude of being well dressed during pregnancy also as at any other time in their life. Maternity clothes have very significant role during lactation period also because breast feeding in regular clothes become awkward and embarrassing. Thus, there is a great need to design clothing for pregnant and lactating women. All lactating women gave their preference towards vertical and horizontal opening with zipper at bust level, hidden flaps up to bust level detachable with Velcro and snap fasteners. Developed functional maternity kameezes were found highly suitable among lactating women in terms of suitability of structural features, functional aspects, selection of materials and colour combinations used.

Key words: - Functional Maternity Clothing, Breast Feeding

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Meenu Srivastava is an associate professor, Dept of Textile and Apparel Designing, College of Home Science, MPUAT,Udaipur and Khushboo Khatri is a research scholar .