HumanResource Management in Textile Industry, its Impact on Profitability



Forperformance and profitability improvement of any company, a proper strategy,covering aspects like technical (productivity, product quality, wastages etc.)Improvements, image & marketing improvements etc needs to be formulated& implemented. For successful implementation of those formulated strategiesneeds to be done by employees (humans) and HRM plays a very vital role insuccess of this. In the following case study, how a proper HRM has helpedcompany to implement its strategies and come out of red.


KeyWords: Strategy Formation, Performance And Profitably Improvements, HumanResource Management.



ProfitabilityOf Any Industry Depends On Money (Financial Inputs), Material (Raw Material& Other Store Spares Inputs), Machinery (Technology Used And Its Level OfUpkeep), Man (Employees - Human Resources), Systems / Procedures And Market(Demand And Price Position). But Over & All Above There Is One Most ImportantAspect And That Is Culture - Ethics Of Company And People Working There. ItMust Help To Create In The Mind Of All Employees A Bond Of Togetherness &Belongings To The Company And Every One In Company Must Feel This. This Is RealHRM and Most Importantly It Is Understanding of Human / Labour Psychology)


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About Author:

TheAuthor is qualified textile technocrat with more than 40 years of experienceright from Shop floor Supervisor to Director-Operations of a company. He haswide experience in troubleshooting, project planning and implementation andstrategy formation for growth. At present he is working as consultant for WorldBank and to many textile companies in India.