Whoever in this world is not a fan of chiffonfabric? And when it is worn it is sure to create a wonderful impression. Infact chiffon is made in a certain weaving technique using materials like silk,cotton, synthetic fibers, or rayon. The name chiffon derived from the Frenchword for cloth or rag. This is a lightweight fabric that creates a wonderfulimpression both in the wearer and the viewers. And the fact that it can be dyedin almost any shade makes it more desirable with a large variety of choices.The fine net or mesh like weave of chiffon gives it a see through look to bemost commonly used as evening wear especially as an overlay. Being a lightweight fabric it looks elegant and provides a floating appearance to the gown.Besides the way it feels on the sin depends on the material the chiffon is madefrom.

Among the several materials for chiffon fabricthe silk is of the best quality. But to know whether the chiffon is made fromsilk or not is the most important thing. Although the silk chiffon can beidentified just by looking at it but still there are other means of identifyingit. As the silk has its natural glow you can easily distinguish it from chiffonmade from cotton. Beside because of the glimmering nature of natural silktherefore the chiffon made from silk has a natural brightness of its own.Besides that the tough of the silk chiffon is the best way to know whether itis originally made of silk or not. On touching silk chiffon it feels likefloating and completely without stiffness. On the other hand when you try hesame with chiffon made from cotton or polyester you can easilyfeel the difference. Though it is nearly as light as silk chiffon but tends tobe more stiff to the movements of your finger on it. Therefore the feeling thatone can get with silk chiffon cannot be found in chiffon made from any othermaterial.

Because of all these features the silk chiffonis the better choice for designer fabrics. Besides the smooth and comfortablenature of silk chiffon makes it a better choice for summer collection as in a silkchiffon the skin feels more comfortable and because of the weave it iseasier to breathe. And thus the silk chiffon is lot different from the chiffonmade from cotton or polyester.

Therefore while choosing silk chiffon it isbetter to keep these things in mind so that the choice can be made moreperfectly for the better comfort and better look of the clothing. Thereforemost of the renowned designers prefer silk chiffon than other materials.Besides that the only problem with silk chiffon is that it is a bit hard tomanage. Because of its smoothness the silk chiffon is a bit slippery and a bitdifficult to manage for the one who wears it. Therefore for better designercloths choose silk chiffon for that better look and better comfort.

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