American Eagle is the icon or name of many different companies as well as the national bird. When someone asks about American eagle we can discuss many different topics. We might talk about the American Eagle Outfitters clothing line or shoes, mountain bikes, gold coins, wheels and we can even discuss the American Eagle Airlines. The conversation could go on for hours about any one of these products or home decorations such as the American Eagle Statue.

But if your into fashion you are most interesting in the local mall location of the American Eagle Outfitters. In recent years this trendy store has popped up in almost every shopping center across America. It is not a patriotic thing, it is a style thing. Teens and adults alike all love the casual comfort that the popular stores have brought to mid America.

The popular garment maker is not the only trendy fashion clothing store in your local shopping mall, there are plenty of other hip stores that kids and adults like to shop in. When shopping for fashion many teens are particularly interested in clothing stores that have a reputation among other teenagers.

The Gap and Old Navy are among some of the favorite clothing stores for many teens and families. But the American Eagle stores are trying to set themselves apart from the traditional look and feel of The Gap and Old Navy. The company wants to be unique and in order to give that unique feel to their customers they continually offer great deals on their clothing and unbeatable customer service.

When shopping for clothes you really have a hundred different choices at least when you are in a mall. How do you make a decision on which store you are going to frequent. American Eagle Outfitters has decided that their level of service is a driving factor in bringing return customers into their store.

So although they may not have the lowest priced jeans in the mall, the company wants customers to remember their last shopping experience and be willing to pay a little more for the quality of their shopping experience.

To help drive new customer traffic the clothing store will often put on huge clothing sales and slash their prices to get some of the bargain shoppers in the doors. After these new shoppers buy a garment and feel the quality of the piece, the company hopes that they will also remember the great customer service and decide to come back and shop on a non-sale day.

No matter where you shop for your clothes it is always important to give your business and your money to the companies that you feel are working the hardest to meet your needs as a consumer.

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