It is interesting to make a review on the subject of the art and science of Footwear design. Probably, it will be necessary to make a reference about the history of Footwear, its use, purpose and art of shoe making, then and now and the size system.

Story of Footwear:

It was more than a few thousands of years ago that the first Egyptian shoe maker laid the Foundation for an industry, which now has the privilege and responsibility of sewing practically every second individual with work, yet almost half the population of the world still goes barefooted.

It is estimated that eight hundred generation have passed since the beginning of the use of footwear. It would be almost difficult to decide the period when footwear and clothing was first worn by man. Probably the first shoe of which we have any record is a sandal like design. It was unearthed by an explorer in the south east of Cario, Egypt, which was at the height of glory in about 2000 B.C. An argument in favors of the use of footwear for protecting the feet, a shoe maker declared that, If God had intended man to go barefoot, he would not have given him the skins of animals.

In ancient Egypt, footwear craftsmanship had reached a very high standard, using a variety of materials such as brightly dyed leathers, precious metals and jewels in the making of high class articles.

In India, leather footwear and tanning were known to the early Aryans, reference of which are to be found in the Rig-vedas, and no literature in any Indo-European or Aryan Language is as old as Rig-vedic Hymns.

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Author is working as a senior technical faculty in FDDI, Fursatganj, Raebareli. Having experience of 26 years in the field of production from raw to finished leather in the areas of Inspection of Leather, purchase cost variance & Cutting.