Designed with the intent to provide a platform to the juvenile arts of cottage as well as large scale industries, Trade fairs are organized to meet the prospective customers in person in a concise period of time economically. With inventive marketing and booth allotment, small businesses can actually appear as significantly as any big organization. As per the estimates, 44% of the firms that exhibit at business-to-business shows have less than 50 employees. The entrepreneurs are accompanied by Master craftsperson, Assistant Crafts persons, Jobbers, Draftspersons and Artists.

Urbane exhibitors do well at trade shows no matter what their unit size is, while the inexperienced and raw industries can waste thousands of dollars and innumerable hours possibly gaining nothing at all. Financial Utilization of these fairs effectively involves only a slight effort and viable planning. Trade fairs have now grown popular and is considered the Hot spot for buyers looking out for some contemporary buying styles.

In an elite discussion of Fibre2fashion with Mr. Malieq Shaabaz ( Director of Shaabaz Group, Singapore and Representative of Zak Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.) in Singapore quotes, " Personally, I feel trade fairs are a boon for handlooms and handicrafts because they have so much to display and exhibit and buyers can get huge variety at a single location." He has no question of doubt to say that, "Those who are interested are satisfied and there is no effect of market forces on the buying will and power of an individual." He also adds, "Its all about the mindset of the buyer because we cannot ignore one of the bare facts of economy that the downtrend of industry always results in uptrend of another."

They likely generate sales leads, provide enhanced image and visibility amongst the rest to reach the targeted audience, establishing a presence in the marketplace, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of companys marketing efforts, personal touch with the customers, competitors and suppliers. They not only generate prospect for new customers but also help educating them. It helps in introducing new products and services and demonstrating them in large number of ways.

In order to diversify the marketing channels, Special Expos are organized at national level, regional level and state level for specific fibres such as Wool, Silk etc. or for specific products like sarees, home furnishings etc. Regional level Special Expos are for products/items of a specific Region like Handloom Expo of North Eastern States, Cotton Handlooms of South, and Cotton Handlooms of East etc. The State level Special Expo will be for handloom products of that State. The expos may be for duration of two to three weeks.

Fibre2fashion also had an exclusive talk with Ms. Huang, Promotional Executive of trade fairs for Intertextile Shanghai 2010 Home Textiles who gave us a brief idea about the functioning of the trade fair. She told, "Every year about 30-40 countries manufacture to participate. There are more than 35000 visitors from more than 100 countries every year.

On asking about the effect after global turndown she added, "Our trade fair has not been affected as such. There is around 6.7% growth in overseas visitations and around 7.3% in total."

These events are a podium for handicraft manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to come together and get a preview of the future movement and picking consumer insights with respect to their product showcase. They provide an opportunity to create networks and develop alliance in the industry. Seminar & trade exhibition ease out the strategic approach to business and promote the newest innovation and industry growth.

Keeping track of the enduring and forthcoming trade shows, exhibitions, events, expositions, seminars, conferences and workshops in the handicraft industry may provide trade leads. Engrossed companies may keep detailed information on the upcoming handicraft trade shows, art and craft exhibitions, craft trade expositions and events and all sorts on industry convention and events, on a regular basis.

Here are the details of some of the trade events in pipeline.

Intertextile Shanghai 2010 Home Textiles 

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles 2010 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from August 24 - 26, 2010. Exhibit product range includes: Bed linen blankets & bedding, down products, Terry & toweling products & bath mat, Table & kitchen linen, Curtains / blinds, Curtain accessories, Upholstery fabrics & leather, Textile wall coverings, Carpets & rugs, Accessories, Interior decoration & handicrafts (made of textiles), Printing & CAD/CAM/CIM System & Design & styling.

Fashionista 2010


Fashionista 2010 will be held at The Residency from June 04 - 06, 2010. Exhibit product range includes: Fashion Clothing, Sarees, Suits, Kurties, Fine Jewellery, Gold-Diamond- Artificial & Costume Jewellery, Home Decor, Hand Bags, Watches, Scarves, Footwear, Handicrafts, Bed Spreads and Cushion Covers.


Silk Paradise


It is an exposition of silk products being organised by the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council (ISEPC) on 15 to 17 July 2009. At Silk Paradise 2010 you will find latest innovations of India's Silk Industry. This forthcoming edition will be showcasing the latest products of nearly 120 premier Export Houses of India. Silk Paradise is the best and most cost effective way to find new suppliers. The exhibition's 3 days format allows for a cost- efficient, time-sensitive and effective buying trip, allowing in-depth interaction with all the Silk Exporters participating in the Fair.

Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair - autumn 2010

Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair - Autumn 2010 will be held at India Expo Centre from October 17 - 20, 2010. Welcome to an exciting journey of discovery at handicrafts fair. Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair - Asia's largest gifts & handicrafts trade fair. This journey to gifts trade fair in India will see you exploring 97,000 sq. mts. exhibition area featuring products of 1800 exhibitors and home furnishing textiles loaded with fresh new merchandising and you can import gifts and handicrafts from India. These gifts and handicrafts import ideas are such which will help you set trends generates sales, create business opportunities and ensure success in India.

These events encourage healthy innovations and provide backbone to our cultural inheritance. The market is a vibrant place where there is ever changing potentiality, tang, fashion and International limelight. With the increased international competition, market trends are changing and market segments along with the products are becoming more and more market specific.


Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts