Recently, Daqing Petrochemical Company plant newly developed acrylic "gel dyeing of acrylic fibers" smooth in the 10000-ton industrial production line to enlarge the production, this is the first time, the plant received two textile enterprises in Jiangsu and Hebei, the order, quickly made a response.
According to market user information, the new development and production of acrylic fiber gel stained total light yellow, light beige, light gray, camel, red brown, dark brown in six colors. Produced samples with user-supplied not only consistent with standard sample, but also some of the new products, more than 28% shrinkage rate, the product color in full compliance with user-supplied fiber color & Poor's criteria, and all products were less than an aberration, the product all the targets to achieve superior quality Acura requirements.

As the development of this gel dyeing of acrylic fibers in a high technology content of products have broad market prospects, in order to truly establish a "desire to help customers achieve" business philosophy, Daqing Petrochemical acrylic plant technology sector three years ago, according to the market user requirements, carried out gel dyeing of acrylic fibers research project in Daqing Petrochemical Company technology development division of the vigorous help of the Technology Section in the factory the factory party and government leaders, chief engineer with the support of the use of the country's only research and development of 500 tons of acrylic fiber Center-based advantages, and actively carry out technical development to prepare, has tackled acrylic stained unevenly, tow whiten the technical difficulties, the various technical parameters of amplification applied to the 10000-ton acrylic spinning production line, realized the scientific research incubator for the production of the successful results, quickly Daqing Acrylic Fiber Plant's technical advantages into economic advantages.

Gel dyeing of acrylic fibers, also known as "colored fibers", which is forming in the acrylic fiber in the gel state, by adding dyes, dyes etc. The corresponding raw materials, the fiber quickly coloring dye. Gel dyeing fiber dyeing has many technical advantages: the traditional chemical fiber dyeing time, up to more than 100 minutes, while the new technology of production requires only a transient gel stained fibers; than the traditional dyeing process of saving pre-treatment, dyeing, drying and other multi-channel processes, and thus lower energy costs. As Dyes on fast, high color fastness, colorful, capability sun, sweat soaked, washed, etc., so has been welcomed by customers.

The gel dyeing of acrylic fibers development and production of true representation of the acrylic fiber plant in Daqing Petrochemical Company, "is to help others help themselves" business philosophy, Daqing Petrochemical Company of acrylic works make use of its technical superiority and advanced wastewater treatment conditions, a positive for the downstream the sake of the textile users, not only to help the textile printing and dyeing enterprises to reduce costs, and more importantly, for users to save a colored textile wastewater treatment process links, eliminating the need for small-scale textile enterprises downstream dyeing the formation of environmental pollution problems, reflects the Petrochemical Company " mutual benefits and common development, "values


The Author is a professional editor from China Suppliers