Production of Fused Polyester core with Cotton Wrapped Triple Rove Thermo core yarn fibre migration behavior and its mechanical properties


In the production of canvas fabrics and in some sittings, three ply yarns are used to obtain a good quality. Thus it was felt that the three ply yarns would confer better properties to the fabric than two ply yarns. In addition, these ply yarns also find application in sewing thread manufacture. The effect of temperature, roving position twist factor and spindle speed upon fibre migration behavior and its mechanical properties were investigated in this study.

In case of treble rove yarn also, where two cotton ravings are placed at the edges and a polyester roving is made to present at the center, the same fibre migration, as like double rove yarn, occurs.

The presence of polyester fibre at the sheath may cause the following;

  • More pilling
  • Affects moisture absorbency
  • Affects the physical properties of yarn
  • Affects the appeal of the yarn

In order to overcome above problems in normal yarn, we are going implement a heater tube in traditional ring frame machine, at the nearest exit of the drafted strand, to control the migration of polyester component, and make it to go inside the yarn body. By doing this the yarn will be covered by maximum of cotton fibres and the inner will be maximum of polyester.

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About the Authors:

Dr.Dasaradan B.S is Asst. Professor, Dept of Textile Technology, PSG College of Technology, CBE.Ramachandran. R is Lecturer, Dept of Fashion Technology, PSG College of Technology, CBE and Rajasekaran. T. K is HOD I/C, Dept of Garment Technology GRG Polytechnic College, CBE.