Focus to apparel industry, fusion of ethnic andmodern designs which is moving towards the organized retailing contributing tothe increased GDP in India.

The unique business concepts had been complementing to thesuccess of every enterprise which is using the unused human talent power andethnicity which was buried due to the western outcome from the past years. Theconcept of ethnicity and organized retailing is flourishing and providing thegrowth aspects to the local vendors and the manufacturers, merchants and thetraders to earn a better living. Various government and the non governmentinitiatives had propelled these marketers to develop themselves in the mostacceptable way. Selling the handmade products like the home dcor, textiles,folk art, clothing, jewelery, toys, musical instruments designed by theartisans all over the world are posing a great competition and these productshave a high demand in the international and the national markets.

Keywords: Designs, Art Work, Style, Organized Retailing, HandmadeProducts, Recession.

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TheAuthor is associated with NPD and Retailing Department, Asmara Apparels India PrivateLimited