Silk Sarees are integrally linked to South India. KornaduSaris originate from the state of Karnataka in India. The specialty of these traditional saris is that they incorporate a technique ofmixing the cotton yarn with silk yarn. The cotton yarn that is used is usuallyblue in color, while the silk yarn can be of any color than blue. Contrastcolors of yellow, orange, white or even light blue renders a completelyravishing look to the sari.

Traditional saris of South India are characterized bya plain one-color body with an ornate Pallu. The Pallu is considered to be themost important part of the sari, which is adorned by intricate work. Theborders of the saris that run throughout the length have different kinds ofwork and patterns. These borders can either be of the same fabric as the sarior a little different. For instance they may be made with more of silk fabric orthat of cottonfabric.

While traditional silk sarees are usuallycompleted with a broad golden border, it is not always the same with KornaduSaris. Gold thread work as well as plain thread work is alsoused all over the fabrics to make them look different and attractive. The traditional Kornadu sariis, however, accentuated by stripes or checks in its body. These stripes orchecks can either be of the same color or of contrast shades alignedhorizontally or vertically throughout the saris.

As is well known, the younger women of todays generationopt for light weight sarees that are easier to carry and are not high onmaintenance cost. Silk and cotton mixed fabrics are the best option in suchsituations. Kornadu Saris also come along with matching blouse pieces, whichcan be styled as per your choice of fashion.Thus, traditional Kornadu fabrics can easily be given a trendy look with astylish halter-neck blouseor even a deep-neck or sleeveless blouse.

The fabric of the saris should be such that it does not needelaborate maintenance or too much care. It is only then that a traditional sariwill find place into the wardrobe of todays fashion-conscious women. Apartfrom marriages, women of today also find saris to be an elegant evening wear ora comfortable yet stylish option as day-wear and also in some cases asoffice-wear. Apart from the young generation women of any age can carry thesebeautiful cotton-silk Kornadusaris with lan.

Kornadu Sarees in a waypresent to the world a reunion of modernity and tradition. Modern women, thuscan boast of wearing a traditional silk sari but with a modern twist to it. Itis the pattern and the amount of cotton or silk yarn used in making a Kornadusari that determines its price. If you are ready to shell out a good amountthen you can opt for the ones with intricate pallu-work and a fabric, which hasmore of silk in it than cotton yarn. Various retail outlets all over India help give you a wide selection of Kornadu Sarees.

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