Computer Aided Textile Designing Using Traditional Phads as Inspiration Source for Fashion Apparels


The present investigation was undertaken to simulate textile designs from Phad Paintings for fashion apparels in different color ways using textile designs software. Developed designs were printed on fashion apparels using screen printing. The findings of present study revealed the designs were very innovative, creative and as per the current market need and were highly appreciated by the judges.

Keywords: Textile design Software, Phad, Simulation, Fashion Apparels.


Rajasthan has covered a niche for itself in the area of paintings; from this Rajasthani Phad Painting something unique and appealing in its own way. It is a visual accompaniment to a ceremony involving the singing and recitation of the deeds of folk hero-deities in Rajasthan and done by family of painters of Bhilwara.

Indians can proudly lay claim to have the widest possible range of designs inutility, decorative craft and textiles, the extent to which this is taken or granted by the forebears of out heritage lies in the fact that there is no clear indigenous transformation of the word Design itself. Today urban designers both strictly commercial glamour and fashion oriented dabble with hand me down western ideas and perennial Indian motifs to tickle the roving palates to rich clientele.

Computer aided textile designing (CATD) has now given viable solution to the above problem with CATD, it is now possible to go straight from an initial idea to visual representation of fabric showing different types of designs and combination of colors. CAD has lead to better quality and flexibility in design development, increasing the efficiency and shortening the time between the design concept and actual marketing. All the basic components of design can be programmed in computer languages and stored in computer memory. Whenever required, the computer can be asked to plot the design with various color combinations.

Now, as the traditional textiles are widely used and adopted as per the latest trends, the designers have begun to explore more and more traditional motifs in the modern style textiles, dresses as costumes. Since the Phad painting art currently do not find much usage on textiles, except as a few decorative wall panels, greetings cards etc. this art needs to be popularized in order to preserve its reminiscent beauty by adopting it on textiles. The objective of the present study was to simulate textile designs from Phad Paintings for fashion apparels in different color ways using textile designs software.

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The authors are associated with Dept. of Textile & Apparel Designing, College of Home Science MPUAT, Udaipur