Marriages in India are synonymous to jewellery. The traditionaljewellery of India is what makes the Indian weddings so rich and unique intheir own manner. There are exclusive designs and works which complete thetraditional look of the jewellery. The traditional gold jewellery is passed onfor generations and families hold jewellery made many decades ago. Thedifferent jewellery includes armlets, bracelets, bangles, necklaces,earrings, fingerings, toe rings, nose rings, anklets, pendants and waistbands.

Different regions and cultures follow their unique designs andworks. The south is known for its extensive temple based large deigns, thenorth is known for its exclusive carved designs, the west is known for itsmirrored and stoned works and the east is famous for its beaded work. Manytrends are taken from the Middle East regions but the designing is unique.

Pair of toe rings is a symbol of a married girl.These toe rings are usually made of silver and can even be studded with astone. There are different styles of nose rings worn by women of differentcultures. In the north they were large nose rings, sometimes the nose rings arebigger than the bangles they wear. The larger nose ring denotes the wealth ofthe husband. In the west nose rings are called nath, they are made of pearlsand stones. Necklaces of traditional temple designs or the eminent kolhapurisajh designs are sought after. North Indians cherish the traditionalpanchangal, which is a five ring connected gold jewellery for all the fingersin a hand. The waistband also known as kamarband is made out of gold or silverand is studded with precious stones. Earrings come invaried designs and types; there is the traditional long jhukams, which are longand bulky with detailed designing. The anklet is of two types; moveable andimmovable. The flexible ones are made by joining rings of the metal, usuallysilver and the immovable ones are made like bangles with a gap to fit into theleg. The traditional Indian jewellery dates long back and is still famed forits design. These popular works are one of the sought after designs worldwide.

Many of the traditional designs are available only in certainplaces. Thus buying them online makes more sense. online jewellery shoppingsaves time and gets you the specific design you have longed for. There aredifferent kinds of designing techniques. Some of them are Filigree,Meena and Kundan works. Filigree work involves minute designing; this work ismostly done on silver. Silver is carved into very thin wires and the design ismade by molding the wires. Meena work involves filling themetallic design with different colours. This renowned design is famous from theRajasthan. Kundan work is made out of precious stonesand joined by gold or silver. This work is so famed that it is being made byoxidized metals and false stones and is a trendsetter since ages.

The benefits of online jewelleryshopping not only limited to cost saving and time savingfactors but it is also a convenient mode that carries different attractiveoffers and discounts that is quite important while shopping for a jewelry. Moreover, some sites on internet are sellingjewelries for general public and for dealers that increases the choice forbuyers to look out for best deal.

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