T-shirt (or shirt) and a T-shirt, which was withdrawn by the Chairman of the trunk cover most of the people. T-shirt usually without buttons and without a collar with a round neck and short sleeves. However, many people use to describe the concept, the T-shirt-sleeved T-shirt or blouse. Shirt and extends at least a little on the shoulder, but not entirely) on the elbow (in Long-sleeve version. The shirt, which is either more or less than if they should stop, a T-shirt. T-shirts are usually made of cotton or polyester fibers (or a combination of both), in a jersey stitch that gives a T-shirt knitted its distinctive soft texture. T-shirts can be decorated with text and / or images, and are sometimes used for propaganda (see the rights of the scoreboard).
T-Shirts and methods are for men and women, and for all ages, including children, youth and adult sizes.


Evolved from a T-shirt and clothing in the 19th Century, used, and the reduction of one-piece "suit" Union Underwear separate the top and bottom, pushing up long enough under the belt of the Fund. T-Shirts, with and without keys, was adopted by the miners and the loading and unloading in the late 1800s as a convenient cover hot areas.

T-shirts as a piece of clothing without buttons, was originally very popular in the U.S., where the U.S. Navy during or after the Spanish-American War. The crew neck, short-sleeved shirt and white cotton worn under the uniform. The climate has for sailors and marines in the working parties and sub-tropical marine common beginning, and then remove the jacket "uniform", and the port (and download), one knitting. It is possible that the common stock of the Navy for the first time discovered a T-shirt see the difference in the dock.

Eye T-shirt because of the shape of the contour of the clothing, and they quickly became popular and a lower layer of clothing for workers in various industries, including agriculture. Shirt was easy to install, easy to clean and cheap, and therefore the selection of Jersey Boys and (possibly select their mothers than boys). Boy's shirts were made in several colors and patterns, and are in every place, even a cartoon character Charlie Brown often shirtless Zig Zag distinctive band around the waist was visible.

At the time of the Great Depression, and his shirt was often a shortage of clothes they wore in the development or working in the field of agriculture, and other times where modesty is called for, which the body but to require circumstances and light fabrics

In the period after the Second World War it was common for veterans wear uniform shirts and trousers, with sportswear, it became popular when Marlon Brando wore in the Streetcar Named Desire, ultimately on the state of fashion, stand-alone, wearing outdoors.

Sun, T-shirts

T-shirts is the son of a string is very strong. It is interesting to produce carpets and pregnant women in both crochet and knitting. You must use crochet knitting needle or larger than usual, comfortable to be able to deal with this issue. I have found in many of the symptoms, 1/2-inch from the cassettes, which produces a thin, trying to have more flexible strips son of 1-1/2 "to a son, firm, sharply produced. Son now has over 1 -1/4-inch strip was perfect for this project I had in mind.


T-shirts worn as it was originally T-shirts. Well, T-shirts, how many times the only garment worn on the upper half of the body), except possibly a bra or bathing suit (jacket. T-shirts have also a means of self-expression and propaganda, with all possible combinations of words, art and the images on the screen.