Dye Industry Needs To Completely Reshuffle the Greatest Difficulties Facing the Project

It is reported that first half of 2009, gross industrial output value of Chinese dyestuff industry completed 10.67 billion yuan, down 28.5% cumulative; product sales completed 9.97 billion yuan, down 36.6% cumulative; export 466 million U.S. dollars, down 29 %. Such a large decline was in the development of China's dyestuff industry has never had the history, the industry faced unprecedented difficulties and challenges.

HC screen Special printing network First half of 2009, output value of China's dyestuff industry, Sell Revenue dropped drastically in the industry business difficulties, some small businesses in bankruptcy, industry needs to completely reshuffle, a number of enterprises will be eliminated.

It is reported that first half of 2009, China's dyestuff industry completed 10.67 billion yuan industrial output value, the cumulative decline of 28.5% year on year; completed 9.97 billion yuan sales income, total down 36.6%; export 466 million U.S. dollars, down 29 %. Such a large decline was in the development of China's dyestuff industry has never had the history, the industry faced unprecedented difficulties and challenges. In the second half, although the industry showed steady rise of the trend, but the recovery is slow, low-cost competition, enterprises are suffering dye that price-cutting. 20% of the very difficult business situation, a group of small businesses are at the edge of bankruptcy.

1, Status: variable hundred million yuan of profits, export growth became negative

"Dye companies are propped up in hard, and now the market is to go on prices." Produce a new dye Reactive Dyes Jiangsu Shen Chemical industry Co., Ltd. Sun Guoqiang, said business manager, "not as good as 2009, 2008, 2009, the price falls too low, the profit is simply no. The original can be sold for more than 40,000 yuan per ton, is now 30,000 yuan are no longer marketable. 2009, our company slogan is to stabilize the market, as far as possible without loss. can not consider money first, not because customers to earn money to run. "

Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd. is currently the largest dye company, more than 100,000 tons annually dyes, dye industry is also the only one listed company. The company dyes Minister Ruanhua Sen quality control division, said: "Seven eighties of the 20th century, Beijing dye dye monthly output is 30 tons, 50 tons up to the time also. Longsheng day of production there are more than 200 tons. then do a ton of Beijing dye dye profit from 10,000 to 50,000 yuan, and we now do a ton of dye only a few hundred to one thousand dollars profit, it is too low! "" There is certainly great for on demand, assorted brands too. To do too much dye in the enterprise, the total production of too much. "Kuwait Trading Co., Ltd. Wujiang Fu-Ming Wu, chairman of the three with" too "to describe the dye industry's current predicament.

China Dyestuff Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Li-Ming Tian, the current market, production and demand contradiction dye relatively large, greater than the sales situation in the middle, so the problem is caused by vicious price competition. Products are identical, there is a similar price competition. "Now the added value of dyes, profit margins and prices are relatively low, this situation is unreasonable." Li-Ming Tian told that, since the dye is from the invention of high value-added, high margin, high prices of fine chemicals. Before 1993, China in the planned economy period, the state introduced a product tax revenue, according to sales tax method to tax. Chemical products are generally 10% of the tax, which dye is 18% statutory tax, the maximum time has reached over 21%. Dye's high profit margins can be seen. But with the rapid development of industry, rapid capacity expansion, triggering disorderly competition in the market, only then pull down the price dyes.

"2009 negative export growth of Dyestuff a foregone conclusion, will be expected to decline to 15%." Li-Ming Tian sure that, in 2007, dye exports 284,000 tons, an increase of 13%. In 2008, the dye export 236,000 tons, down 17%. This is unprecedented in history. In 2009, as domestic demand driven, total production is essentially flat dye decreased slightly, but exports still been greatly affected. First half of the exports of 106,000 tons, down 28%. The third quarter despite the market is warming trend, exports of some recovery in the chain, but still not achieved up.

Present day dealers do not dye better than some other change management products, and some simply closed their doors. Shijiazhuang Chemical Market located in dye-based operating shops closed their doors.

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