Globally Sustainable development can be achieved byfollowing 3-R Principle, which quotes for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this 3-Rprinciple is been achieved in the textile by the upcoming tread of RecycledPolyester (R-PET)

Making PET fibers and Products from the waste and landfillPET bottles and other PET wastes is called as Recycled Polyester (R-PET), Inthis paper we have discussed the various needs of R-PET, methods of producingR-PET, Products made from it along with advantages and disadvantages, acomparative study of energy and CO2 emitted by R-PET is compared with VirginPET

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About the Authors:

G. R.Poongodi
,M.Tech, (PhD) is Asst. Professor ,Department of TextileTechnology,Jaya Engineering College,Chennai,J. Sriram Prabhu, B.Tech,isMerchandising Manager, National Garments,Tirupur and P. Sasikumar, D.TT,FinalYear B.Tech,Department of Textile Technology,Jaya Engineering College,Chennai