Technology has come up with a new web tool to measure, and calculate the eco foot print in textiles


The world of textiles is more or less complicated with numerous processes involved right from the stage of making yarns till manufacturing the complete product. All textiles have a harmful impact on the environment. With the current alarm of global warming, and making of environmentally friendly textiles, the process has become all the more convoluted. There is an industry need for identifying, and comparing the environmental impact of textile products, and processes. EcoMetrics is a simple web based tool that can be used for this process.


Every textile item releases effluents that are harmful to the environment. Fabrics made in eco-friendly way replaces the normal products. If not otherwise, replacing them with low impact products can also attempt to improve the situation. EcoMetrics, the web tool makes objective assessments of the products, and processes involved in textile making. It is a web-based interface, which makes results accessible.


Generally, there are four major environmental key factors associated with the making of textiles; Water, Energy, Pollution, and Use of non-renewable resources. Assessment is done based on the four key issues. Units called Environmental Damage Units are developed which allows calculation of the total effect of textiles or the process used. High scores are given to processes that have a colossal impact (such as using non-renewable resources for polyester), and similarly low scores are given to processes with less or no impact (like water in yarn spinning).


Results are shown in a coded grid showing the result of energy, water, pollution, and use of other non-renewable resources during the process. Results are shown in a visual snapshot of the product, highlighting the high impact areas requiring attention. The chosen garment gets the scores; per kilogram of selected textile, per garment, and Environmental Damage Unit (EDU) for laundry during the lifetime of the apparel. The tool further calculates sub optimal durability for every selected apparel. This is a measure showing the effect of having to replace the non-durable merchandise. The tool will also calculate high SODU (Sub-Optimal Durability Unit) scores for low durability merchandise. 1 SODU = 1 EDU.


EcoMetrics tool is based on science that gives concrete figures from the beginning till the end; of all processes involved in a textile industry, which is normally not possible. Results generated by this tool are good indications of the textile foot prints in highlighting the areas of concern. The tool is very objective, and looks at the entire life-cycle of the product. It is simple and easy to understand and use it.


EcoMetrics is for pro environment people, and businesses. It is a powerful tool for buyers, and producers highlighting the benefits of eco-initiatives, and also motivating people to think about the impacts caused throughout the production process.




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