Observing what we want to observe and avoid what we want toavoid is in human nature and a natural tendency. But in the businessenvironment there are many things which are crucial for progress and need to beobserved and corrected carefully. By doing this we can be benefited to a greatextent and if we neglect it, it may cause serious losses. Most of the times thethings, which are making losses to us; are in invisible mode and harm thebusiness without our notice. We require some special tools to visualize it;LEAN Lens may be one of these tools.

Generally these are the inefficiencies in form of wastagespresent at different stages of the business process. In the present era of cutthroat competition, where pressure is from all the sides, buyers ask forservices or products on cheaper rates and on the another side raw material andoperating costs are going higher everyday. In this situation improvingefficiency and working on waste reduction or elimination is a workablealternative to be competitive in the business. Here LEAN thinking becomesinevitable. This article is an effort to make the invisible things visibleusing LEAN philosophy without any expenditure

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Theauthor is Assistant Professor in Dept of Fashion Technology at NIFT Gandhinagar