Every successful business depends on Brand Loyalty as it isthe ultimate goal a company aims at. Brand Loyalty means a consumer'scommitment to a brand. It implies that the customer notonly looks for his/her own benefit but is willing to think about the brands interest. It is mainly stated by repeat purchase. However it is not the end of the story. BrandLoyalty can be reflected in various positive behavior of the customer such asword of mouth advocacy, referring the brand to others and so on.

What does Brand Loyalty Imply?

Repurchasing of a product is not the ultimate determinant of brand loyalty. Itmight take place because of situational constraints, no alternatives, andinconvenience and so on. It is called "spurious loyalty". Brandloyalty is much more than that. It becomes possible when a company createssuccessful emotional attachment of a customer with a brand. Brand loyalty is anasset to a company.

Why do Customers Develop Loyalty towards a Brand?

Brand loyalty can be defined as a customer's conscious or unconscious decisionthat is expressed through his/her behavior. A customer develops loyalty towardsa brand because they think that the brand is offering quality product orservice at the right price. As soon as the customers know that you are offeringvalue of their purchase they will be encouraged to buy your products orservices.

What can Influence Brand Loyalty?

A number of things can influence brand loyalty starting from designing a newproduct to writing its catch line, understanding customer's need to employing effectivemarketing strategy. Brand loyalty occurs as the customer perceives the brand ina positive manner. Developing loyalty among new customers and retaining itamong existing customers are equally important.

Therefore it is necessary that the customers have a good impression about youas it is the foundation of their buying habits. When the customers buy aproduct they make a trial purchase. If they are satisfied with your productthey will get back to you. Customers prefer to buy products that are familiar,safe and of good quality.

Mindset of a Brand Loyalist

A customer who is loyal to a brand has a typical mind set. When a customer iscommitted to a brand he/she keeps coming back to the brand to buy a product ora service. A loyal customer is always willing to pay higher price for his/herpreferred brand than other brands. He/she also recommends this brand to othersafter realizing that the brand offers value for money.

What is the Importance of Brand Loyalty?

The importance of brand loyalty is immense since it is brand loyalty thatdetermines the sale of a product or a service. It is very difficult to survivein today's competitive world. In order to do so it is very crucial not to looseyour customers. Reducing customer loss and achieving new customer's trust andloyalty can dramatically improve your business growth.

Moreover when customers are loyal to your brand they will be less sensitive toprice change and willingly pay higher price to get the unique value that yourbrand offers. Brand loyalty will ultimately lead to cost cutting and highprofit margin as a loyal customer is indifferent to competitive promotions.Once your brand loyalty is established you don't need to spend much on advertisingand marketing.

How to Create and Maintain Brand Loyalty?

A number of things determine brand loyalty. A customer develops brand loyaltyonly when they get quality product or service at the right price and oncehe/she gets it the customer expects the same from you. Now it is yourresponsibility to maintain the quality at a reasonable price. You should alsoremind them of the value of their purchase. Finally you should encourage themto buy your product or service. Make yourself easily available and also improveyour customer service.


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