As per the law of nature, women are more beautiful creaturesthan men and have always tried to enhance their beauty with various remediesirrespective of the remedies being natural or artificial. Since time immemorialwomen are known to have constantly created or re-created different ways to lookmore beautiful. They used to design, stitch and create their own clothes justto stand out from others. When clothes became mundane, they invented ornaments.They adorned themselves with these fineries and added a dash of glamour withthese ornaments to even the simplest of clothes they wore. Right from thestone-age women have indulged themselves in jewelry. Even in that era, the bondbetween a woman and jewelry became obvious.

Flash Back

Way before the discovery of precious metals like gold,silver, copper or bronze etc. women knew how to adorn themselves. They usedsea-shells, conches and other fine stones and materials to create their jewelery.The necessity of looking prettier than others paved the way for costumejewellery and it is nothing less than its evolution that these are here now forall to admire. Armed with creativity and imagination jewelers have come up withinnumerable designs and countless new types of metals and stones to givevariety. The variety in jewelry leaves people astounded as they walk past anyjewelry shop. Millions of people admire jewels but because of their high valueonly very few can actually possess these extravagant ornaments. Ordinary middleclass women being deprived of the very expensive jewellery delved into asolution for this problem and thus the concept of costume-jewellery was born.

Old Is Gold

Earlier costume jewelry was all about semi-precious stones,artificial metals coated with gold and silver polish and other chunks ofmirror, stone or patch-works, shells or colorful threads, etc. thesejewelleries were designed keeping in mind the middle class and poor women andgirls who could not afford to spend much on jewelleries and those women who likedto wear jewelleries properly coordinated with their clothes. Gradually costumejewellery became very popular among women of all walks of life. The designs ofcostume-jewelleries outdid the traditional jewelleries so much so that peoplehas started preferring costume-jewelleries to the traditional jewelleries.Seeing the popularity of jewelleries, the jewelers decided to merge the twodistinct styles. Thus costume jewelleries that we now come across are theamalgamation of traditional stones, precious metals etc. in a modern form. Thegeneration next version of costume jewellery is a perfect modernized blend offashion, glamour and tradition with of course a tint of diamonds, a generousplating of gold and silver or the more coveted platinum with a dash of dazzlingbrilliance due to the brand name.

Jewelery Genext

People are now more and more fashion conscious and with thedesire to leave an impact in the social circuit are ruling out the repetitivedesigns. This new breed of fashion conscious people are increasingexponentially; thus creating a huge market not only for costume jewelleries butalso for jewellery designing. Costume jewellery is not only design inaccordance with fashion trends but also according to the taste and preferencesof the buyers. As for example during weddings, extravagant affairs in manycountries and where a great emphasis is put on jewellery. The bride's jewelleryis selected very carefully ensuring that the social status and financialsoundness of the bride's family is reflected conspicuously. Needless to say,that the jewelleries are very carefully co-coordinated with the bride'strousseau.

Costume jewellery is just the right the thing for everywoman for any occasion. It saves money also and gives reason to flaunt theattire as well as adding radiant confidence to the wearer.