Cotton-Ramie fabric/UP resin composites were formed by using hand lay up method and cured at room temperature for 24 hours. The primary mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, flexural modulus and impact strength with three different weight fraction of the ramie fibers on the composites were studied. The result shows that with the increase of weigh fraction of ramie fibre on cotton- ramie fabric reinforced composites, all the primary mechanical properties improved. With respect to the efficiency of strength realization in composite, the composite which contains 10% of ramie fibre gives the maximum realization. The comparison of cotton-ramie fabric reinforced composite and softwood plywood with respect to tensile strength and flexural strength provides useful information that composite which contains 10% of ramie fibre has sufficient quality to replace softwood plywood.

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The authors are associated with the Department of Textile Technology, Anna University Chennai