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At today's competitive market place, there is a need for business organizations to ensure continual improvement. Manufacturing garment companies experience growing pressure to improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce cost with limited resources. Fashion industry need to reduce response time, eliminate errors, and improve customer satisfaction.


Industrial way of garment production needs a thorough preparation of production because in the same time, it is necessary to combine a few factors: people, time, machines and place of production, organization and material in a coordinated and rational system.

Technological system of garment production must enable expected quality of product, necessary scope of production, delivery of ready-made garments in the expected time, maximum use of capacity with minimum expenses. Because of a variety of designs of clothing articles and a great number of procedures in the production process, deviations and faults in different places and various frequencies occur. To achieve the production without deviations and faults, it is necessary to introduce methods for evaluating all the factors affecting the quality of products.

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Originally published in: New Cloth Market, July-2010