All textile manufacturers worldwide are trying to develop their machines to improve not only quality, productivity and energy consumption but the attempts are made to make processing eco-friendly. The processing involves preparatory, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Textile processing occupies a predominant position in the entire textile value chain. A substantial cost is involved in conversion of grey fabric to a dyed and finished fabric.

Globalization is the buzz world today. One of the consequences of globalization is competitiveness. That means consistent production of products at competitive prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buyer's demand is increasing day by day.

How can we produce products at competitive prices?

What do we mean by advancements in technology?

Do we need technology in textile processing?

Whether technology helps to economies finished products? A question that is very important today's context.

Last decade has led to the development of continuous ranges like CBR and CDR. This ranges facilitated high production rate with a very good reproducibility and a high cost saving. Latest CBR's were equipped with Pre Washers, "Hi-Squeeze" Mangle, a unique design of Impregnator with MAT technology permitting with dosing system and automatic controls, Combi-Steamer, Efficient Washing Units and Dryers, E-control giving correct moisture content on fabric. The latest development is Airflow machine where liquor ratio was reduced to minimum level of 1:3 and mist were used to move the fabric. Unlike Jet dyeing machine, fabric is opened up by flow of air reducing the creases. Closed HTHP jiggers were developed with low liquor ratios of 1:2 to dye PET in open width. The high speed stenters with self lubricating chains leading to very low maintenance has been developed. To make stenters eco-friendly, exhaust air is cleaned before discharge.

Recent recession in textile industry has further increased demand for processing machinery with high productivity and low input cost.

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The author is Final Year Textile Chemistry student at D.K.T.Es Textile & Engineering Institute.