The magic of Swarovski crystal is ever fresh and has an immeasurable appeal. The bright sparkle of a crystal has always been a source of fascination for many. Swarovski has a world wide presence and the crystals it produces and launches are of very high quality in a wide range of styles, designs and directions. Crystals manufactured as per contemporary trends are consistently translated into product lines such as watches, jewelry, gift items, accessories, home decor products and collectible figurines with many new innovations and novelties every year. Swarovski, the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal was founded by Daniel Swarovski.

The success story of Swarovski is a hundred years old. However, the success story began in 1976 when Swarovski launched its sparkling animal figurines which became the most sought after in a very minimal time. As a result, a Swarovski collectors' society was formed in 1987 representing about 500,000 members representing about 30 countries across the globe. This society provides a common platform to crystal enthusiasts all over the world. It also facilitates collectors to come together and enjoy exclusive privileges like access to annual limited editions of specially produced collectors' items and exchanging experiences. Swarovski supports this society by organizing special events, meetings and trips. The society also launches its own "numbered edition pieces" - Eagle in 1995, Peacock in 1998, Wild Horses in 2001 and the Bull in 2004. Swarovski releases a limited edition masterpiece every three years and normally number about 10,000.

Swarovski crystal components are regarded as the best machine cut and polished crystal beads in the world made through high quality processes. However, the demand for luxury items unfortunately creates many imitators. The imitators and their products are strewn all over the Internet and can be seen at every bead show. Swarovski creates crystals with a custom made special compound that imitators have failed to duplicate. This compound adds to the incredible brilliance of Swarovski crystals. The intricate and delicate color palette is another property that differentiates a Swarovski crystal component from others.

With a host of crystal beads and components in the marketplace, is there a way to tell a Swarovski crystal component from the others? The following are a few tips that help determine genuine Swarovski crystals.

1. You will never find Swarovski crystals for sale that are strung. They are always sold loose.

2. Analyze the genuine Swarovski packaging. Depending on the size, bulk packages range from 10 gross to 1/2 gross in branded and sealed envelopes. The latest Swarovski bulk packages are sealed with an authentic silver toned hologram that says "CRYSTALLIZED."

3. Swarovski crystals are always perfectly uniform. Owing to the machine cut, each crystal is the same. Look for the height, slope and width which should be consistent. Imitations being hand polished, they will not have the same uniform cut and the size and dimensions may vary from bead to bead.

4. Swarovskis machinery is specialized and its crystals are precisely cut. All dimensions of a range of crystals are analyzed for light and reflective properties, modeled in 3D on a computer and the complex algorithms are then fed into the cutting machinery after being optimized. This complicated processes and sophisticated machinery in addition to the special compounding gives the Swarovski crystals their unique and fascinating brightness.

5. Similar to diamond faceting, Swarovski complex machinery facilitates each of its crystal to have its facet pointing up and meet exactly at the same point. No wonder a Swarovski crystal shines like a diamond.

6. Swarovski crystals always have a uniform surface luster and have no scratches. Most imitations scratches and swirl marks.

7. A Swarovski crystal comes without any bubbles in it. When you hold a crystal against light and find bubbles in it, be assured it is an imitation.

8. Due to the use of special glass compounds, a Swarovski crystal will always sparkle brighter than an imitation. Compare and check for yourself.

Always buy from reputed retailers and authentic Swarovski distributors. Be aware that many a retailers also display Swarovski (Swan) logo illegally. This swan logo is not to be used by Swarovski for selling beads or crystal components. It is only used for the Swarovski jewelry and gift line.

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