Socks is type of cloth manufactured by the knitting technique, it covers the foot and leg complete or partial. There are many types of socks used for casual, sports and medical purposes. Socks make your foot comfortable and warm. Socks are available in various colors, sizes and materials.

Raw Material is very important quality and performance factor in Socks. when choosing, buying and manufacturing the socks the two parameters are kept in mind conditions and 2.allergies problems of user because e.g. some fibers are beneficent for patients (diabetic) and some may cause the allergy problem, some fibers give benefit for a particular time periods and beyond that will cause health problems. One thing should be keep in mind when selecting material and designing socks structure is that the blood circulation does not effected or resisted. Weather and the season conditions are also under consideration when buying or manufacturing socks. The socks outlook is also an important part of sock selection, because the overall appearance of socks make comfortable to the user.

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The author is associated with Textile Engineering Department, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

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