Studies on Weight of Knitted Fabrics Produced By P/W DRF Yarns in Co-Relation to Processing Parameters

Source: Textile Review

DRF yarns are special twisted yarn which can produce directly on the conventional ring frame. The Fabric weight per square meter (gms/mt2) of Fabrics Knitted by P/W Yarns in Co-relation to Processing Parameters namely Fiber Length (65, 70 and 75 mm), Twist Multiplier (2.00, 2.25 and 2.50) and strand spacing (10, 14 and 18 mm), The Response Surface Equations are drawn at various level of variables by using Box and Behnken's centrally Rotatable Design.

The contours of each response are - drawn, Overall it is observed that the maximum Fabric weight per square meter, is found 206 gms/mt2 at wool fiber length 75 mm/ TM value 2.50 and strand spacing 14 mm and the minimum is 184 gms/mt2 at wool fiber length 70 mm/ TM value 2.00 and strand spacing 18mm

Siro spun yarn has already gain popularity in countries like Germany, UK, Japan and Australia for the production of fabrics used for skirts, blouses, and men's wear particularly in long staple sector in India. Some of textile mills have introduced this system for producing suiting, shirting, sewing threads, voile fabrics and knitted goods majority of mills are using roving grindelle at ring frame for producing fancy yarns. This roving grindelle should not be considered as Siro spun. In Siro spinning the optimization of convergence point geometry is there to get a yarn, which can replace the conventional two-ply yarns. This system not only produces a better quality yarn but also helps in reduction of cost of the production.

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The authors are associated with Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur.

Originally published in: Textile Review, Septembert-2010

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