Blowroom is the first operation of yarn production in spinning mill. The saying "Well begun is half done" signifies the importance of first operation. Basic objectives of the blow room operation are as under:

  • Opening of the fibre tufts
  • Cleaning of the fibre
  • Blending of the different fibre
  • Even material feed for next operation i.e. Carding

Improper Blowroom action can seriously affects the spinning performance and final quality of yarn in terms of higher imperfections, blend variation and associated dyeing concerns in the downstream processes. The parameters like conditioning time, number of beating points, fan speed, grid bar setting, lap weight and CV% significantly affect the quality of blow room operation. The feed to carding machine can be in batch form like lap feed or in continuous form like chute feed system. In any case even feeding is utmost required for good carding action, spinning performance and yarn quality.

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About the Author:

The author is M. Tech in Textile Engineering from IIT Delhi and MBA in Marketing from Pondicherry University. He is presently working as Head QA at Textile Research & Application Development Centre (TRADC) which is a state of the art research & application development centre of pulp & fibre business, Aditya Birla Group catering to requirements of entire value chain since its inception in year 2004