Embroidered clothing is the most ancient trend of fashion and is still going on and will surely last to long lasting ages. The origin of Embroidered Clothing lies in Stone Age. Many Embroidered Clothing made of animal skins decorated with threads and beads have been found during several excavation projects.

Ever since man has invented clothing for protecting himself from natural climatic changes, he has always remained desperate to develop new designs and styles for his dresses. Embroidered Clothing has played a significant role in it.

Designing of Embroidered Clothing is an art of giving different looks to the same dress material by adding separate designs and patters to it. Previously men used to make the Embroidered Clothing designs with their hands. It was considered an art of high class and was done by specially trained professionals. Monarchs used to keep their personal designers to design Embroidered Clothing for them. They were paid high salaries. Later on ladies started designing Embroidered Clothing as leisure time activity. With the advent of industrial revolution and machines, task of Embroidered Clothing gained new heights. Hand Embroidered Clothing was replaced by mechanical Embroidered Clothing and printing designs that were faster in its task. It saved a lot of time and provided a better designed Embroidered Clothing. As the time passed innovations were introduced in Embroidered Clothing. Washable paints were being used in place of colored threads. Even today the three forms of Embroidered Clothing exit. Among them Hand Embroidered Clothing is the most expensive one since it requires a lot of trained labor.

Embroidered Clothing includes all types of formal and casual wear of everyone; men, women and kids. T-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, and caps everything is included in Embroidered Clothing. While designing the Embroidered Clothing for kids a special care is taken regarding the designs and color of the clothing as kids are very much fascinated by the designs and colors of their clothes. It has also been used in designing the corporate uniforms. Various corporate companies get the uniforms designed for their employees. Embroidered corporate uniforms help them to create a good impression in front of their clients. Corporate uniforms are designed with companys logos and tags in different colors and designs. This Embroidered Clothing helps the companies to have a separate recognition in various corporate meetings.

Embroidered Clothing can be obtained from various boutiques or malls. If unable to get a wearing according to desire and taste one can switch on to the Customized Clothing. In Customized Clothing you can have an Embroidered Clothing of your desire and style. Customized Clothing provides us a wide range of designs and fittings to choose from.


Embroidered Clothing has remained a mark of various civilizations and cultures. Kashmiri Embroidered Clothing has earned a name world wide. Phulkari is a famous clothing used by Punjabi women. Wigs used by Egyptians were designed out of human hair or wool. Arabic embroidery styles are known for their extraordinary handicraft patterns and designs. Some Embroidered Clothing is marked for special occasion like wedding wear. Today not only colorful threads are used for embroidery works but gold and silver fibers are also used. Such types of Embroidered Clothing are generally used by rich class as it marks their prestige. Thus Embroidered Clothing helps to create a new trend and dressing style among people of every class and sector.


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