Tibetan rugs add to the dcor in anyroom because they are hand woven and their designs are unique. Even theirquality is distinct from other types of rugs. The Tibetan rugs form a part oftheir ancient arts and crafts. It is therefore a part of their culture. It isused by them for all kinds of purposes right from being placed on the floor, toa horse saddle, to a wall decoration and bedding. In monasteries it was usedduring ceremonies.

The Tibetan rugs are hand woven withexquisite designs that definitely add to the beauty of a room. The technique ofrug making has been passed from one generation to the other and the wholeeffect of the rugs is unique. They are hand woven or hand knotted. They aremade of natural dyes. They have patterns of geometrical shapes or curved lines.The designs on them are generally floral, animal or of medallions. Themedallion designs have one or three central medallions with many borders. Themedallions have flower designs inside them of lotus or peonies. They are eithersquare with floral designs surrounding them or round with floral designs inthem. There are some rugs which have a lot of flowers scattered all, overwithout a border. The mythological animal designs consist of designs ofdragons, phoenix,the white Manchurian crane, the bat and the bee. In a single rug there aregenerally not more than four shapes.

The rugs come in vibrant colors likered, blue, green, orange, yellow, white and beige. The borders on the rugs areof ivory, black, red, blue or orange. They are made of either sheeps wool orof beautiful silk. The designs are extremely attractive to the buyer. Tibetanrugs give the room a very attractive look. It should be placed where everyonewill be able to look and appreciate it. You should measure the area where youwant to place the rug and then buy it of the right size. They can be used to beput on the floor. Some people prefer to put it up on the wall as a decorationpiece. It is also used as a horsesaddle. It is also used to on and practice meditation. It shouldcomplement the dcor of the room and enhance the overall effect of the room.So, a lot of thought has to be given in choosing the color, the size, thedesign, the texture and of course, the price.

The Tibetan rugs are sought after andare considered to be a collectors item. Any room decorated with the Tibetanrugs will appeal to the people visiting your home. The natural material usedand the hand woven effect, adds to the overall effect of the rug. You willenjoy the feel of walking on a piece of art. Whether it is used as an area rug, as a wallto wall carpet,or as a decorative piece on the wall, the beauty will attract people who visityour home. It can make a small and simple home a place of beauty and you willbe having a collectors item.


Nowadays, Tibetan rugs with contemporary designs are also available in the market. It is necessary to know and choose a genuine Tibetan rug as you will find many imitations while buying a rug. As these handmade rugs are made of natural fibers and natural dyes, they are very expensive. Great care should be given to handling them and maintaining them. They will wear and tear easily if it is used where people walk a lot on it. If it is used to decorate the wall, people will be able to appreciate the design and the beauty of the rug. Your home will definitely look more attractive if furnished with handloom Tibetan rugs.

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