Textiles are a part and parcel of every culture that has lived in the past and that will be in the future. It was used as means of clothing in the past but today scenario is nowhere similar to that used to be. Textiles are being used everywhere, right from the clothing which we use to the fabrics on the planet to the high-tech suits used by the astronauts in the space beyond our planet. Textiles are indispensible, though we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the years from past.

We understand that production and quality are the two main aspects of any textile manufacturer but the latter one that is quality is a wide term which we have to familiarise with. Its not just the production of the fabric within the parameter norms, but the whole construction, their design, the value addition required. But normally this is not used in all the areas of textiles except for some areas like Hometextiles. Innovation is the name of the game here. We need to be innovating in all the areas possible, we need to innovate in all the areas in which we feel, there is a profit and end use. We will discuss in this paper, the various innovations in the weaving machinery for making it flexible to produce the different fabrics that are required today by the users both the commercial users and the functional users that is used in the Technical Textiles.

When we think about a fabric that we want to weave, we think about the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way it should work. In case of an apparel fabric and the upholstery and other common use fabrics, normally the way the fabric feels or looks will have an equal weightage with the way it works. But when a fabric is produced for a functional use, as the name suggests, the way the fabric works scores above the way it feels or looks. In other words, the function of the fabric is very important, not its aesthetic value.

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The Author is a Textile Technologist