Theglobal market for woven outerwear was 460 billion euros in 2008 in which theEuropean Union accounted for 31 per cent, North America 29 per cent, AsiaPacific 28 per cent, Latin America 7 per cent and other regions 7 per cent. TheEU market for woven outerwear grew at an annual growth of 1.7 per cent in thelast four to five years and reached at 143 billion euros in 2008 which was 55per cent of total outerwear consumption.

Germanyis the dominant country in woven outerwear consumption in the European Unionwhile Britain, Italy, France, Germany and Spain contributed for 74 per cent oftotal EU consumption.

Accordingto Eurostat, EU woven outerwear industry production has declined by 1.4 percent per year in the period 2004-2008 and reached at an estimated 18.2 billioneuros in 2008. Italy is dominant producer in the ED contributing 6 per cent oftotal ED output in 2008 followed by Spain, Romania, Britain and Portugal. Morethan 80 per cent of the ED woven outerwear industry is found in these five countries.

EUimports of woven outerwear are growing on an average 4.4 per cent per annumsince 2004 and reached at euro 48.0 billion in 2008. Germany's import ishighest followed by Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. Developingcountries accounted for 52 per cent of total ED imports of woven outerwear in2008. The leading ED exporter of woven outerwear remained Italy (24 per cent),followed by Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Romania.

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Originally Published in Apparel India, October-2010 (Vol.2 Issue 9)