Beautiful and eye-catching, available in all sorts of varieties Palestinian scarves add to the income of many a people in the developing Muslim countries and some non-Muslim ones.

The poverty affected workers mostly being females spend hours of their precious time each day toiling over the creation of these attractive pieces of cloth and in return earn enough to sustain themselves. The time and the effort involved in designing these trendy Palestinian scarves add to their value. Due to the increase in the demand for hand made items the cottage or small scale industry has seen a rise in employment in recent years. The boom in the want of these scarves has created wider profit margins for the small scale sector.

People today appreciate the hard work put into hand crafted items. Rather than opting for machine made goods, they prefer handloom products. Palestinian scarves too make a significant input into the productivity of the economy. Since they are in style and enjoy a rising demand they are purchased with vigor and excitement by all sorts of age groups from both genders.

Small shop owners of Muslim countries know the success rate in sale of these square patterned cloths; they can be worn as a head covering by women or slung across the shoulders by men. They are adding not only to the 'Gross Domestic Product' of a country's economy but also (if desired) operating as an export item increasing foreign earnings.

Palestinian scarves have provided eager entrepreneurs for a whole new evolution in the market of fashion. The checkered cloth, available in vibrant colors is a product that allures new markets abroad. In some developing countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, the Palestinian scarves are essential manufactured goods of the cottage industry. They are means of employment for hundreds of laborers and money making ventures for many businessmen; hundreds of small weavings units are installed in villages and small towns.

Each of the Palestinian scarves is given appropriate time and thought in its making. The labor involved is fully attentive and performs its task with genuine interest and dexterity which is evident by the fine quality of their merchandise. Sometimes embroidery is added to these pieces of cloth to add to their value and to increase their exquisiteness. Even this is catered to by the cottage industry where skillful embroiderers work day and night, working with machines or their hands, to achieve desired results.


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