The Study was carried out at Udaipur city of Rajasthan with the objective to find out the current market trend of kurta and develop designer kurtas using various fabric with appropriate embellishment for college going girls. An interview schedule was used to collect data about current market trend of kurtas. Based on the result of the preliminary survey, the researcher developed 10 handmade sketches of designer kurta pattern and rated by five point scale having different parameters. The sleeted designs were evaluated by a sample of randomly selected ten college going girls and ten boutique owners. Designer kurtas were found highly acceptable among college going girls and boutique owners in terms of fabric selection, combination of different colors and embellishment used.

Key words:
Designer kurta, embellishments, acceptability.

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The Authors are associated with Department of Textiles & Apparel Designing, College of Home. Science, MPUAT, Udaipur.