Nature expresses itself in a wide spectrum of colours all around as. It was the result of the quest of man for beauty of colouring his body which made him discover the colouring matter from natural sources such as plants and animals. The discovery of synthetic dyes in the second half of the nineteenth century pushed the old Indian traditional art of dyeing textiles with natural dyes.

Natural dyeing is one of age old practice to dye textile materials. The natural dyes obtained from natural resources are non-pollutant, non allergic, ecofriendly, shade rich and warm. They are soft in colour, cool to eyes and are harmless to the body and pollution free. Natural dyes are soft, delicate and give harmonized pastel shades of natural colours obtained from renewable resources The use of natural dyes amongst craftsmen is increasing due to its unique characteristics.

Apparel is one of the basic necessities of human civilization along with food, water, and shelter. The apparel industry reflects lifestyles of people and shows their social and economic status. At present, it is amongst the fastest growing industry segment and is also the second largest foreign exchange earner for the country. The apparel industry accounts for 26% of exports. India presently has entered the second phase of growth and is witnessing a massive rise in the domestic demand. Keeping the above points in mind a study on Effect of Treated Natural Dyed Knit Mesh Material was conducted to apply the selected natural dyes in conjuction with mordants, wash and to analyse its performance of the treated natural dyed knit material objectively and subjectively.

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The authors are associated with PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.