Scarves are the must-have stylish fashion accessory for this fall and winter season. Everywhere you look, everyone will be wearing a scarf! These beautiful women's accessories are the thing to wrap around your neck. They're not just warm when the snow is falling, but they look great, too.

If you are looking to buy a scarf for yourself or for a loved one, use this helpful guide before online shopping for these fashion items. (And if you are shopping for a loved one, no one will mind if you pick up a scarf for yourself at the same time!)

How do you buy scarves? What's the best way to pick out a fantastic fashion wrap for your neck? Remember, they're not meant to simply keep you warm; they're supposed to look good too. So choosing the right one is just like putting icing on a cake!

When you're faced with all these beautiful wraparounds, think about what coat you'll pair it with. Will it be for casual wear? Will it be for formal occasions? Will it be worn for a night on the town with the girls or on a hot date with a guy? Will it be worn to a work function or an after work function?

What color should it be? Think of it like this: the scarf is going to frame the head - the face and hair - so it should compliment the face and hair. Don't make the mistake of buying it to coordinate with the coat. Of course this and the coat should go together, but the more important factor should be the face. Purple and pumpkin are two of the hottest colors this fall and winter season so consider getting scarves in those colors.

Should the scarf be smooth or knit? When you're pairing your accessory with a coat, think about the texture and the pattern of the coat. If the coat is a coarse texture, like a wool blend, consider a soft, fine, smooth scarf like cashmere. If your coat is smooth, consider a scarf that's a little coarser. Additionally, if your face is round or you are a plus size, consider wearing a smoother fabric. Women who are thin may consider a coarser or denser fabric.

Should it be patterned or plain? If the pattern on the coat is busy (or if the coat is heavily patterned) pair it with a plain scarf. If the coat is fairly plain, you may want to consider a patterned one.

Should it be long or short? Scarves can be a variety of lengths because they can be adjusted with wrapping around the neck. However, taller women will seem ever taller with one that drapes down too far. Shorter women, or plus-sized women may prefer a longer scarf (including one that goes down to their knees) in order to add height.

Scarves make a great gift for yourself or someone else you love this holiday season. They really keep you hot...and looking hot!

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