The afterlife of denims is always blue. Used and old denims can be diverted from the landfill and given a new life by recycling it into many useful applications.

Increase in population has driven the demand for consumer goods, which ultimately results in more quantities of landfills. This is not only depleting the available natural resources, but is also deteriorating the environment. Recycling and reusing products is the need of the hour. Denim apparels have become an inevitable part of every individuals wardrobe. Old and used denims can be creatively recycled into unimaginable, creative, and useful products.

Recycled denims are adorable for a number of reasons. It is basically made from postindustrial denim fabrics, which is scrap. Furthermore the energy spent in recycling old materials is lesser comparatively over the energy spent in converting raw materials into products.

Whats on your wall? Recycled denim for insulation:

Old denims can be recycled into insulation materials used for homes, offices,hotels etc. These insulation materials are made up of 85% factory scraps consisting of cotton fibres, and natural denim. They buy scraps from the manufacturers directly. The insulation material made out of these scraps is 100%recyclable. It provides outstanding thermal virtues and 30% better sound absorption comparatively over similar sound proof materials. Approximately 300tons of waste denim generally used for landfill can be transformed into insulation material. 500 pair of jeans can completely insulate one home.

Levi Strauss & Co. has recently launched a $100,000 denim insulation fund to reuse unwanted denim while keeping it out of landfills. Denim is a staple in nearly everyones wardrobe, but it shouldn't be a staple in our landfills, said Jill Nash, vice-president of corporate affairs, Levi Strauss & Co. By encouraging our consumers to donate unwanted jeans and then promoting recycled denim as insulation in buildings, we can green our communities from the inside out and extend the lifecycle of every pair of jeans.

Old denims find way into new cars:

Old denims now have found their way into the next generation Ford Focus cars. Recycled cotton materials from used blue jeans are used as a part of carpet backing and sound absorption in Ford cars. Post consumer cotton used in a car is obtained from approximately two pair of jeans. Recycled content is a way to divert waste from landfills and reduce the impact of mining virgin material. says Carrie Majeske, product sustainability manager of Ford. (Source:

Recycling denim pants into sandals:

Another great way of personalizing old jeans is recycling them into sandals. They make soft, springy shoes making a perfect accessory for both eco warriors, and funky fashionistas. The sandals have good foot support.

Creative crafts from old jeans:

Denim is a prime fabric for recycling. Shaped with a little creativity craft items made from old denims give an instant flair, and style for a minimum or almost no cost. Cutting off the old jeans short and adding laces give a new twist to old denims. Legs of the old jeans will make wonderful wine bags. Cutting the good parts of denims into squares and sewing them together makes an excellent quilt. Apart from this used denim fabrics also make appealing purses, pillows, aprons, pot holders, place mats, and many more.

Recycled denims are a great and creative way to dress up while going ones contribution to the environment as well. Recycled products have the lowest carbon footprint. So its time to recycle, reuse, and reduce carbon footprints.