A New Concept to Increase Ring Spinning Productivity (15-25%) By "FOR" Twisting Device

The ring spinning machine was invented by an American named Thorp in 1828, and Jenk-another American-added the traveler rotating around the ring in 1830. In the intervening period of more than 170 years the ring spinning machine has undergone considerable modification in detail, but the basic concept has remained the same. For many years any noteworthy further development hardly seemed possible, yet a significant process of evolution took place during this time. The productivity of the ring spinning machine has increased by 40% since the late nineteen-seventies

Spinning machine is a major cost factor in a spinning mill, as the graph.

If we improve in spinning machine process, we can save substantial amount. Following is the improvement achieved primarily by

  • Development in rings and travelers
  • Online take off device (Doffer)
  • Reducing the ring diameter
  • Reducing ends down frequency
  • Combining the ring spinning machine and the automatic winder into a production unit
  • Developing new concept "FOR" twist device

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About the Author

Piyush Chandarana, an engineering graduate and post graduate in business and material management, using his experience and knowledge gained during his long stint with the textile industry has developed a new concept whereby the productivity can be increased while working on a loom. He is currently working as General Manager-Supply Chain Management with reputed company M/s. Parixit Industries Ltd located Ahmedabad.

Views presented in this article are from the practical experiences of the author