There is a huge difference between wanting a new logo for your business and needing a new logo. You've worked hard to build an accurate brand message that resonates with your target audience. Switching the image that represents this message is a huge undertaking since it is most likely the main image that customers associate with your brand. Releasing a new logo out of the blue could break the connection your audience has with your brand. This is why it is important to evaluate everything involved in the success of your business and its image. If you randomly change your logo and nothing else about your business, then prepare yourself for pickets and rioting.

Below are a few-but not all-things associated with a business image:

  •          Social media profiles

  •          Blog content and design

  •          Website content and design

  •          Logo

  •          Company name

  •          Business cards

  •          Brochures

  •          Ads

  •          Products / services

  •          Employees

  •          Customer service

When the above items are not complementary of each other, you run the risk of creating a huge disconnect between your brand and your target market. And as we all know, the most essential component needed for a successful business is the customer base. Without loyal customers, a business lacks the demand to be successful.

All of the above elements must be taken into account when deciding if you need a new logo. We all want our companies to evolve, but if we try to force the evolution by only changing the logo and nothing else within the company, it could send customers into a confused-and often angry-talespin. Many times, businesses think that the evolution of their business message lies solely in the logo-this is a fatal error since customers use this logo in conjunction with various other visual and verbal materials to identify the brand. When you just change one element-the logo-you are ruining the big picture of your brand.

If you're ready to kick-start the evolution process of your business, here's what you need to do:

1. Do your research, and talk with customers: Market research and interacting with customers-on social media and in person-are huge when it comes to rebranding. If your target audience is not ready for a change and is still demanding what you currently offer, there's no point in attempting to transform your company-your audience might not want what your new business image has to offer. Be sure you know exactly what your target market wants-only then can you sell to their demands and continue operating as a successful business.