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Quality of work life has been defined as the workplace strategies, operations and environment that promote and maintain employee satisfaction with an aim to improving working conditions for labours and organizational effectiveness for employers. In most organizations there remains a mismatch between working practices on the one hand and current realities of the workforce and the nature of work in the "new" global economy on the other.

First, traditional ways of working tend to overlook the diversity of the workforce. The percentage of women of working age in the labour force continues to grow and few people have the backing of a full-time homemaker to enable them to work as though they have no other responsibilities or commitments. Growing numbers of men as well as women would like to work in ways that enable them to fulfill their potential at work while also leaving time and energy to spend with family or partake in other activities. A high quality of work life is essential for organizations to continue to attract and retain labours.

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Originally Published in New Cloth Market, Jan-2011

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Dr. G.B. Karthikeyan is an Assistant Professor at Dept of MBA, HindusthanCas, Coimbatore, Dr. K.P. Malathishiri is a Professor & Head at Natesan's Co-operative College-Chennai and Mr. Booplan is a Research Associate at Dept of MBA- HindusthanCas, Coimbatore.